February flew by. It was a little crazy.


I took some kids from Salinas on a field trip through the redwoods. Most of them had never even been in the woods before! I know this because I asked and one said, “No. Yes. Well, there’s a park near our house, and there’s a hills with trees, does that count a forest?” And another kid kept saying the whole time, “This is great! I’ve never been hiking before!” and “This is so much fun! I’ve never seen trees this big before!” and “This is so cool! I’ve never seen a waterfall before!”  Needless to say, much of the lesson plans were trashed because everything was interesting and distracting and required explaining. I have to say, sharing the woods with kids who have never been hiking before is pretty much one of THE coolest things and biggest priveleges ever.


We started Duane’s Proverbs class – it is about the Book of Proverbs, not about Proverbs by Duane. They are all good, but I like this one best so far because everything hinges on it:

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge…” -Proverbs 1:7

We also started the Financial Peace class by David Ramsey. We are getting a lot of good advice there. To sum it up:

“Don’t be stupid.”

You can see how it is very similar to Proverbs.


In February we also went out to San Francisco for a friend’s birthday. We discovered three things:

1. We are old. We normally go to bed at 10. 

2. The Olympics should always be watched to dance music. It makes the moguls so much cooler. 

3. If you want a cheap way to make money, open a bar whose theme is white trash. Decorations are super cheap and you can make a killing selling cheap bear in a paper bag.


Daniel made beer this month. Well, it is still making in the closet, but he started the whole process, which I already reported in another blog.


I taught for a week at camp, because they had so many kids. I love that job, but it is a tiring job, and I did not get to see Daniel much. My group was great. At any given moment 3 of them were asking me a question. And they weren’t the kind I could ignore, because they would keep asking. And they weren’t the kind I could just say “Figure it out yourself” because they couldn’t. So I had to answer all of them. Which was fun.


On the last day of camp, Daniel’s car slipped on oil. We told it not to, but it did. It slipped and hit the side rail. Daniel was OK and the car was driveable but looks like it has a lopsided smile. Unfortunately, the side that got smashed was not the side that has a light that points slightly off. So now at night NEITHER of the truck’s lights point in the middle and you can only see what’s in front of you by turning on the brights. That is getting fixed, though.


One weekend we ate rabbit. I found a 4-Her who sells meat rabbits as an early birthday gift to Daniel. Duane knows how to butcher them. We called it “Bunner Butcher Day”. This is the process – it is really quite simple:

See? Simple and delicious.


February 26 was Daniel’s Birthday! We celebrated by taking his car to the mechanic man to get fixed. Then we got sushi and saw “The Hurt Locker” which is a recent Iraq war movie that, we are told by our army friends, is the best and most realistic to date. It is very good, and very very intense, and very very very real. It is interesting to see a movie in which you know it’s not real and none of the actors get hurt (like most movies), BUT out there, today, right now, it IS real and people ARE getting hurt and even dying.


The next day Daniel went Shark Fishing! The guy that does the tank at the cafe (and has a fishing license) took him, Duane, our brother-in-law and nephew out on the boat in the bay. They caught a bunch of leopard sharks that were too tiny to keep, a seven gill shark, and 2 bat rays! Moses, who is 4 years old, caught a BAT RAY. Daniel caught a bigger one, though. The rays are going to the Phoenix Zoo!


While they did that, I met up with some relative to discuss geneology. I recently discovered that I am related to one of the original pilgrim leaders who came over on the Mayflower. Crazy! Apparently a lot of people are, though, which makes sense. My favorite story from this man, William Brewster’s, life, is that before the Separtists went to America, they fled England to Holland. The first try failed – the captain ratted them out. On the second try…

“At the rendezvous, disaster struck again. After most of the men had boarded, they saw a group of armed men coming to arrest them. The Dutch captain, fearing arrest, set sail, leaving the women and children behind to face arrest alone. The authorities took them into custody, but, realizing they had little to gain by holding harmless women and children, they eventually granted them permission to emigrate.” (http://www.historynet.com/englands-trent-valley-the-land-of-the-pilgrim-fathers.htm)

Why did ALL the men board first, I would like to know? Anyway, I’ve been brushing up on my Pilgrim history lately for that reason, of which I remember absolutely nothing, so this review is good.


Recently my past college roomate and her husband from Davis visited. They have an amazing story of which they met when she went to his home town in Nagaland, India on a missions trip. They kept in touch, fell in love, he came over here and they got married 2 years ago. In the past year they started a school in his village and are raising money to build a new better one and to pay the teacher’s salaries. His father is an amazing carpenter who is building the new school. There are a lot of causes out there to get involved in or to donate to, so it’s exciting to know personally the people who are involved, and that all the money given goes STRAIGHT to the school and not to officework as well, AND Daniel and I are huge proponents of education. I could talk for hours, but what really does the story justice are the picture and videos they showed us, and talking to them themselves. So in the meanwhile until you have a chance to sit down with them for dinner like we did, check out their website:



In honor of their visit, we cleaned the house, and I discovered how cool our closet is:

One arrow is pointing to the beer.

The other arrow is pointing to rabbit skins. (They are inside out, covered in salt – the first stage of the tanning process).

PLUS there’s a lot of cool kitchen stuff in there that we use, but don’t have enough room in the kitchen for – so don’t be alarmed if you see the wedding gift you gave us here, these things get taken out all the time, there’s just not place else to actually put them.


And on that note, your Monthly Moments of Gus:

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5 responses to “February

  1. My bat ray was actually smaller.

  2. I totally enjoyed this post (but, I enjoy all your posts :)

    I used to live in Salinas!

    I think I would like to take a “Proverbs by Duane” class…

    Ummm…I can’t figure out how to adequately express my thoughts on the bunny-butchering process…

    How cool what your friend is doing in India!

    I LOVE your cat :)

  3. Yay! Thanks!
    What is your blog addy? I found it once…
    ps Don’t worry, the rabbits aren’t real rabbits, they have red eyes…

  4. I love these monthly sum-ups! So fun to have been involved in several of the highlights. (And Moses agrees with Daniel that his bat ray was indeed bigger. Though he also thinks he runs faster than Daniel…)

  5. I found it a little strange (but mostly funny) to read about bunny butchering when you used to raise and show your rabbits.

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